Tree Supplier Southport

J A Jones Wholesalers is a renowned tree supplier which has been established since 1900. With over 130 acres of land at our disposal, we specialise in field grown trees which are grown right here in Southport. Our strong links with independent growers across the UK and Europe and the comprehensive range of trees available make us a one stop shop for landscape architects & contractors, housing developers, universities, councils and golf courses. 

As trusted tree suppliers we take great pride in being able to produce beautiful field grown trees which can be supplied either bare root or root balled from mid-October to April. Root packaging depends on the variety and size of the trees in an order. 

Working on 105 acres of grade 1 soil, our methods facilitate the growth of superb fibrous root systems which, combined with our strict growing regime, ensure the development of healthy, strong trees which will thrive in any location. Orders are processed from mid-November to April and, as responsible tree suppliers, we dispatch them as quickly as possible, meaning our clients receive ‘nursery fresh’ produce. 

Your local Southport tree suppliers at J A Jones Wholesalers supply both bare root and root balled trees. 

Bare Root Tree Suppliers

The bare roots of our trees can be supplied with a protective co-extruding bag which has a tough black inner and a shiny white outer. The bags are free of charge and are instrumental in aiding the successful establishment of roots which are prevented from drying out. Easy to handle and a low-cost option, bare root trees supplied in the bags have their complete root system intact, making planting a simple process. 

Root Balled Trees 

Wire root balls are supplied with trees which are of 10cm girth or above, helping to retain the soil’s contact with the roots from the nursery to the planting stage. The roots are protected by a hessian wrap and ungalvanised wire net which should not be removed when planting. The wraps will bio-degrade within two years. Root balling is perfect for species which prove difficult to transplant, no waste is produced and you’ll find a root balled tree is cheaper than a container-grown tree. 

If you would like to discuss your requirements for field grown trees from your local tree supplier in Southport, get in touch with J A Jones Wholesalers today. 

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