Symbol Definition Girth (cm) Height (cm)
1+0 1 year seedling 6-8 Light Standard 250/300
2+0 2 year seedling 8-10 Standard 230/300
0+1 1 year cutting 10-12 Selected Standard 300/350
0+2 2 year cutting 12-14 Heavy Standard 350/425
1+1 2 year transplant, 1x 14-16 Extra Heavy Standard 425/600
1+2 3 year transplant, 1x 16-18 Extra Heavy Standard 450/625
2+2 4 year transplant, 2x 18-20 Extra Heavy Standard 450/650
20-25 Semi-Mature 500+

Trees are specified by their girth in centimetres, measured at 1 metre above ground level. Clear stem height, that is, the distance from the ground to the lowest branch, is normally 1.8 - 2.0m between the size ranges of 12 to 20cm girth. In contrast, a feathered tree (fthd) is supplied with branches furnished to the ground.

Regular transplanting of trees encourages a compact fibrous root system, thereby significantly improving the chances of successful establishment on site. Plants transplanted once are indicated with the symbol 1x, those transplanted twice with 2x and so on. All J. A. Jones standard trees have been transplanted a minimum of three times.

Multi-stems (MS)
Multi-stems are sold, not on the basis of girth, but on height and the number of stems. All multi-stems are supplied root-balled to help ensure transplanting success.

When selecting trees, important factors that should be considered include:

  • available space for the ultimate development of the trees
  • soil conditions including compaction & drainage
  • exposure
  • light levels
  • proximity to buildings
  • services
  • traffic

In addition, named cultivars rather than their common species are usually best chosen due to their more even & consistent shape.

'Growing to raise Standards'