Supply and Plant Service

For clients who purchase trees whose size or weight are outside their
operational capabilities, J. A. Jones offers a supply and plant service. Each job is
assessed on an individual basis, and priced following a site visit. During this process, advice on tree suitability and pit specification will be offered to best suit the client's requirements. Read more about our most ambitious
scheme to date.


Deliveries are packed according to our customer
requirements. For amenity landscapes, the majority of smaller shrubs are packed in non-returnable cardboard pallets. For larger and more fragile plants, these are packed in returnable wood or metal cages. While these take longer to load, and take up more room, they
remain rigid and prevent the plants from sweating in warmer weather.

Delivery is carried out nation-wide by our own fleet. These are scheduled by our dedicated transport
manager to guarantee complete orders arrive on time and to the right place.

Where deliveries fall outside our operational
capabilities, experienced hauliers will be employed. These are charged at cost to the customer, and will be agreed and confirmed prior to delivery.

Contract Grow

In order to help guarantee the success of customer projects,
J. A. Jones offers a contract grow service. Tried and tested over many years, this service provides significant advantages to the customer. These include:

Guaranteed availability as advance planning allows adequate time to source unusual items.

Assured quality through pre-agreed specification.

Cost savings through economies of scale and forward planning

Fixed job prices ensure customer confidence

Customer confidence as plant material is available for
inspection at any time.

It is the combination of the above factors which combine to produce the right plant, at the right price, delivered in any combination at short notice.

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