Protecting the future

For years, the horticulture industry has used plastic rabbit guards to protect freshly planted trees and hedges.  With the recognition of plastic pollution in the environment, J. A. Jones & Sons now stocks Rainbow Treebio Biodegradable protectors.  These protectors are made from biodegradable and eco-friendly polymers, which will start to biodegrade after an estimated 4-5 years.  Furthermore, they are made in Britain to reduce their carbon miles pollution.

Made to the same design as the traditions protectors, without the environmental impact, these 60cm tall light-green protectors are available in two diameters, 38mm and 50mm.

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Field Grown Trees

Field grown trees are supplied either bare root or root balled from mid October to April, dependant on variety and size. Growing on our 105 acres of ‘Grade 1’ type soil, excellent fibrous root systems are naturally produced which when combined with our strict growing regime, produce strong healthy trees ready for the most challenging of sites. Lifting and dispatch is carried out strictly to order from November to mid April, and are despatched with the minimum of delay to ensure they leave ‘nursery-fresh’.

Bare root (BR)
Bare root trees lifted from our fields are supplied with their roots protected by a co-extruded bag.   J. A. Jones uses exclusively the co-extruded bag with its tough black inner & white shiny outer surfaces, at no extra cost to the customer. This is the best available and needless-to-say, plays a vital role in aiding the successful establishment by preventing the roots from drying out.

Advantages of bare root trees include:

  • Ease of handling
  • Low cost
  • Complete root systems
  • Minimal installation requirements

Root-balled (RB)
Trees of 10cm girth & above can be supplied with a wire root ball. This ensures the soil remains in intimate contact with the roots throughout lifting, transportation and planting operations. The ball of soil enclosing the roots is secured by the use of hessian wrap, and an un-galvanised wire net. This should not be removed during planting, and will bio-degrade within two seasons. These can be easily handled using tree hooks available from J. A. Jones. Root balls are particularly useful with species which are known to be difficult to transplant. Such species include Betula, Carpinus, Fagus, Liquidamber, Pyrus, Quercus and Robinia.

Advantages of root ball trees include:

  • No packaging waste on site – hessian and wire are biodegradable
  • Low cost compared to equivalent ‘container grown’ tree
  • Ease of handling using tree hooks
  • Better establishment at larger sizes
J A Jones Tree Nursery

Container Trees

For the supply of trees from May to October of a girth sizes less than 16cm, J. A. Jones & Sons grows a range of containerised trees in white bags. These trees begin life in our fields, before being lifted in early spring and potted directly into our tree bags. Treated to the same rigorous pruning and training regimes as our field grown stock ensures these trees conform to the same high quality standards as our field stock.

Advantages of our containerised trees include:

  •   ability to plant throughout the year
  •   supply continuity as produced by a single known source
  •   quality of stock produced
  •   ease of handling (all white bags have woven handles incorporated into their structure)
  •   minimal packaging waste



Airpot Trees

For the supply of trees from May until October, trees 14-16cm girth and larger are grown using the air pot system. This consists of a perforated plastic sleeve surrounding the root zone, allowing them to be air pruned at their tip, encouraging the build up of a stable fibrous root system. Prior to delivery, the plastic sleeve is removed, and the root system is wrapped with hessian wrap and wire cage.

Advantages of a J. A. Jones air pot trees include:

  • availability out of the traditional planting season
  • supply continuity as trees are supplied by a single known source
  • quality of stock produced
  • reduced establishment time
  • elimination of root spiralling as found in traditional 'container grown' trees
  • ease of handling as no additional machinery required
  • environmental awareness as no packaging waste
  • easy to anchor using underground systems
Malus Evereste

Shaped Trees

For schemes that require a more formal look, J. A. Jones can now offer a range of shaped trees. Shapes available include boxheads, espalier, pleached, screens, arches, roof forms, cones and balls to name but a few.  These are available price on application. Whether required to provide screening or simply as a decorative feature, these trained trees continue to inspire and delight in equal amounts.