Tree and Shrub Delivery Service in Southport

Deliveries are packed according to our customer requirements. For amenity landscapes, the majority of smaller shrubs are packed in non-returnable cardboard pallets. For larger and more fragile plants, these are packed in returnable wood or metal cages. While these take longer to load, and take up more room, they remain rigid and prevent the plants from sweating in warmer weather.

Delivery is carried out nation-wide by our own fleet. These are scheduled by our dedicated transport manager to guarantee complete orders arrive on time and to the right place.

Where deliveries fall outside our operational capabilities, experienced hauliers will be employed. These are charged at cost to the customer, and will be agreed and confirmed prior to delivery.

Our handling is in accordance with CPSE guidelines with batch labels providing the plant name and quantity. In addition, by meeting strict plant health requirements laid down by the Ministry of Agriculture, we are able to export our plants. Our EC plant passport number is UK/EW 10337 RP.

During these uncertain times of volatile oil prices, we will clearly note any delivery charges at time of quotation.

Please note:

  • All instructions and contact details should be provided at time of order.
  • All access issues must be highlighted to the transport manager prior to delivery.
  • Safe unloading of the vehicle is your responsibility. Drivers are not permitted to unload, although they will assist where health and safety regulations permit.
  • Lifting equipment and staff to unload are your responsibility. Whilst vehicles are equipped with tail lifts, these are not suitable for unloading root balled trees, while ground conditions often prevent pallet trunks from running smoothly.
  • Damage caused by customer staff or equipment will be charged at cost.
  • For full loads, we allow a two hour unloading time, pro-rata for smaller loads. A standing charge of £35 per hour will be charged after that.

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