Container Trees

Wholesale Container Tree Suppliers in Southport

For the supply of trees from May to October of a girth sizes less than 16cm, J. A. Jones & Sons grows a range of containerised trees in white bags. These trees begin life in our fields, before being lifted in early spring and potted directly into our tree bags. Treated to the same rigorous pruning and training regimes as our field grown stock ensures these trees conform to the same high quality standards as our field stock.


Advantages of our containerised trees include:

  - ability to plant throughout the year

  - supply continuity as produced by a single known source

  - quality of stock produced

  - ease of handling (all white bags have woven handles incorporated into their structure)

  - minimal packaging waste


Please enquire about sizes and varieties available. Call us today on 01704 228235 to discuss your requirements. 


'Growing to raise Standards'