Air Pot Trees

Air Pot Trees Suppliers in Southport

For the supply of trees from May until October, trees 14-16cm girth and larger are grown using the air pot system. This consists of a perforated plastic sleeve surrounding the root zone, allowing them to be air pruned at their tip, encouraging the build up of a stable fibrous root system. Prior to delivery, the plastic sleeve is removed, and the root system is wrapped with hessian wrap and wire cage.

Advantages of a J. A. Jones air pot trees include:

  • availability out of the traditional planting season
  • supply continuity as trees are supplied by a single known source
  • quality of stock produced
  • reduced establishment time
  • elimination of root spiralling as found in traditional 'container grown' trees
  • ease of handling as no additional machinery required
  • environmental awareness as no packaging waste
  • easy to anchor using underground systems 

Please do not hesitate to call J. A. Jones on 01704 228235 to discuss your requirements. 

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