Bare Root Trees

The bare roots of our trees
can be supplied with a
protective co-extruding bag which has a tough black inner and a shiny white outer.

The bags are free of charge.


Root Balled Trees

Wire root balls are supplied
with trees which are of 10cm girth or above,     helping to
retain the soil’s contact with the roots from the nursery to the planting stage.

Supply and Plant Service

We offer a supply and plant
service. Each job is
assessed on an individual basis,
and priced following
a site visit.



Delivery is carried out
nationwide by our own fleet. These are
scheduled by our
transport manager.



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Growing to raise Standards

Established in 1900, J. A. Jones is a leading wholesale nursery and
 tree supplier based in Southport. Covering a total area of 130 acres, we specialise in field grown trees ranging in size from transplants to, and including,
multi-stems and semi-matures.



Delivering solutions for your garden.


In growing trees and shrubs

We gather the best talent, creating the best specialist team.


around Southport

Best quality trees, shrubs and plants for your home and business.

About us

An award-winning tree and shrub nursery located in Southport


Since 1900!


John Andrew Jones is born in
Rhosygadfa, Shropshire on
24th November 1870, the son of Thomas and Rebecca.


John Andrew Jones Snr. marries Mary Rimmer.


J. A. Jones is established as a gardener and nurseryman.

Only five of his eight children survived childhood, two boys John Andrew Jnr. and Thomas Charles, and three girls.  The youngest child, John Andrew Jnr (and his twin sister) are born in      Blundell's Lane.

John Snr establishes a nursery at Poole Covert (which is now on Preston New Rd). He also has a greengrocery shop on Rufford Road.


John Snr. purchases part of a field on Bankfield Lane from the Hesketh

He builds his final home here (see
picture above), and moves his
greenhouses from Poole Covert.


John Snr. goes into partnership with his two sons, John Andrew Jnr. and Thomas Charles and J. A. Jones and Sons is born.


Nick Aubrey, our MD started his tenure at J A Jones in 1968 and has successfully spearheaded the Company since.

Our clients

Our customers include            landscape architects, landscape contractors, housing developers, private developers, universities, councils, golf courses and     sporting venues.


“The best time to plant a tree was

20 years ago. The next best

time is now."

– Chinese Proverb

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